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To the Edge of the Sky FundRazr Launch + PHASe II Initializing…

#TTEOTSPhase2 has launched in English for PC, Macs & Android along with our Fundrazr to fund development of the full game!  Fundrazr Link (for sharing too!): Demo Link:  Demo Releases on Other Platforms The iOS release is something we’re doing after Android. However we’ve never released on iOS before, so we can’t make any promises

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Shinji’s Comic Released!

As a part of our extra content for fans who want more, a short 4 koma, two panel comic for Shinji has been released! It details an average day in the life of Shinji. Cost: $0.99 (free for Patreon subscribers along with 1 day early access – it’s already been released there!) Depending on interest,