Genre: Visual Novel, Adventure, Simulation

Release Date: Feb 11, 2016


Shou Hatori

“Things always turn out okay in the end. So don’t waste any time worrying!”

Shou is a popular and upbeat second year student who lives to socialize. He can come off as cocky and air headed at times, but he’s also very sweet. Shou truly cares for his friends, although he hides painful struggles behind a smile. Even as an adult he still lacks control of his powers, and his choice of career remains at odds with the acceptance he seeks from his family.

The Emotional “Drama King”

Tatsuya Yukimura

“I refuse to believe that appearance or even intelligence have anything to do with success. Diligence is the only thing that I recognize.”When Tatsuya isn’t concentrating on his studies he tends to run a little hot and cold. Even as a child Tatsuya was always very focused and serious, but those traits have become even more dominant due to the current state of his family. Tatsuya is confident in his powers and abilities, but he isn’t always keen to show them off.

The Tsundere Intellectual

Shinji Hirayama

“The world is far more beautiful than most ever notice. But if they paused for just a second they might find themselves seeing everything with new eyes.”

Thanks to his appearance, this dreamy genius with a talent for music is often perceived as a slacker by others – not that he minds. Never feeling as if he quite belongs, Shinji drifts through life. A certain event years ago gave him a special ability that only separates him from others more.

The Mysterious Genius

Takumi Arai

“I wanna know everything, see and do everything! But more than anything, I want to solve problems for people – both human and supernatural.”

The free-spirited Takumi comes from a human family that cautions Takumi against getting involved with the mystical world he finds so fascinating. Though Takumi respects his family’s reasons, he has no intention of cutting ties with the supernatural world. Instead, he leads a secret night-life only those closest to him know about…

The Quirky Rogue

Hikaru Kazama

“I wish I could turn back time.”

The ever-charming Hikaru has had a tragic life, though rarely will one catch him without a smile plastered on his face. At Hagiwara University he is known as a friendly yet serious man who takes his job very seriously, but he prefers to stay in his memories of a happier time when he can. Hikaru rarely uses his abilities to the fullest because of past events that still haunt him.

The Enigmatic Professor

Tsubasa Fujimoto (MC)

”These days I’m left wondering if I’m even real…”

You, a diligent college student with a practical, hardworking nature who has been thrown into a new, unwanted life filled with supernatural phenomena.

Your mother revealed to you your true nature as a homunculus – an artificial human made through alchemy – and you have been wondering if you truly exist ever since. Your new sorceress powers are overwhelming and undesired, but you are determined to gain control of them.

The Main Character